Player Profile: Alanna Smith (MIN Lynx)

Alanna Smith is a rising star for the Minnesota Lynx whose dynamic skill set and versatility have made her a standout in the WNBA. Born on August 10, 1996, in Hobart, Australia, Smith stands at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) and commands attention on both ends of the court with her scoring ability and defensive prowess. From her early days dominating the Australian basketball scene to her impactful presence in the WNBA, Smith’s journey embodies resilience, talent, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Alanna Smith’s Early Life & Education

Alanna Smith, a versatile Australian basketball player, has made significant strides in her basketball career, both nationally and internationally. Born into a family with a rich basketball legacy, Smith grew up in Melbourne, Australia. She comes from a basketball lineage, as her father, Darren Smith, played professionally, and her aunt, Joanne Metcalfe, represented Australia in international competition.

Smith attended Wesley College in Melbourne, where she developed her basketball skills before moving to the United States for collegiate basketball.

Alanna Smith’s College Career at Stanford

Smith played for the Stanford Cardinal from 2015 to 2019, where she became a standout player. During her time at Stanford, she exhibited strong performance both offensively and defensively. Smith’s prowess on the court earned her several accolades, including being named an All-American and helping Stanford to multiple NCAA Tournament appearances.

Alanna Smith’s Professional Career in the WNBA

Smith was drafted eighth overall by the Phoenix Mercury in the 2019 WNBA Draft. She spent three seasons with the Mercury, where she showcased her potential, particularly as a versatile forward who can shoot from long range and play strong defense.

In 2022, Smith joined the Minnesota Lynx, where she has continued to develop as a dynamic forward/center. With her ability to stretch the floor and protect the rim, Smith has become a valuable asset to the team.

Alanna Smith’s International Career

Smith has also represented Australia in international competition, playing for the Opals. She has participated in events like the FIBA World Cup and the Olympics, contributing significantly to her national team’s efforts.

Alanna Smith’s Playing Style

Alanna Smith is known for her versatility on the court. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, she has the size to play in the post but also possesses a reliable three-point shot. Her ability to both score inside and stretch the defense makes her a unique player in the WNBA. Defensively, Smith is a capable shot-blocker and can guard multiple positions.

Alanna Smith’s career is still unfolding, but she has already established herself as a prominent figure in basketball, both in the WNBA and internationally. Her versatility, skill, and leadership have made her a player to watch in the coming years.

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