Player Profile: Esmery Martinez (NY Liberty)

Esmery Martinez is a promising forward hailing from the Dominican Republic. She established herself as a formidable player at the collegiate level before making her way to the WNBA. Martinez showcased her skills and versatility during her time at college, becoming known for her rebounding prowess and defensive skills.

Esmery Martinez’s College Career at West Virginia

Martinez played for the West Virginia Mountaineers before transferring to Arizona for her final year. During her time at West Virginia, she was a standout player, particularly known for her rebounding. Her ability to pull down boards and her overall hustle made her a key player for the Mountaineers. In her final college season with Arizona, Martinez continued to excel, further showcasing her talent on a larger stage.

Esmery Martinez’s Professional Career

Esmery Martinez was drafted by the New York Liberty, a team known for their strong core of players and recent success. She fits well within their system, which emphasizes teamwork and defensive intensity. Her role as a forward with the Liberty is expected to focus on providing energy, rebounding, and defensive versatility off the bench.

Esmery Martinez’s Style of Play


  • Rebounding: Martinez has a natural talent for rebounding, often pulling down crucial boards both offensively and defensively.
  • Defense: Her defensive tenacity and ability to guard multiple positions make her a valuable asset on that end of the floor.
  • Versatility: Standing at 6’2″, Martinez is versatile enough to play both forward positions. Her athleticism and quickness allow her to adapt to various matchups.


  • Shooting: While she has the ability to score, Martinez’s shooting, particularly from beyond the arc, is an area for potential improvement.
  • Consistency: Like many young players, maintaining consistent performance can be challenging, especially in the more demanding environment of the WNBA.