Player Profile: Ivana Dojkić (NY Liberty)

Ivana Dojkić is a professional basketball player from Croatia who currently plays as a guard for the New York Liberty in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Known for her sharp shooting and versatile play, Dojkić has made a name for herself on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ivana Dojkić’s Professional Career

Ivana Dojkić’s basketball journey began in Croatia, where she started her professional career at a young age. She gained early recognition for her scoring ability and playmaking skills, which quickly made her a standout player in European competitions.

Club Career:

Before joining the WNBA, Dojkić played for several prominent European clubs. Her notable stops include:

  1. ŽKK Trešnjevka 2009 (Croatia): Dojkić began her career with Trešnjevka, showcasing her scoring prowess.
  2. ŽKK Medveščak (Croatia): She continued her development at Medveščak, solidifying her reputation as one of Croatia’s top talents.
  3. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (Russia): Dojkić expanded her experience in Russia, playing for Sparta&K, where she continued to impress with her all-around game.
  4. Virtus Eirene Ragusa (Italy): In Italy, she further developed her game, adapting to the competitive Italian league.

WNBA Career:

Dojkić joined the New York Liberty, adding depth to the team’s backcourt. Known for her shooting ability, she offers the Liberty a reliable scoring threat from beyond the arc. Her international experience and strong fundamentals make her a valuable asset to the team.

National Team Career:

Ivana Dojkić has also represented Croatia at various international competitions, including the EuroBasket. Her performances on the international stage have highlighted her ability to compete at a high level and adapt to different styles of play.

Ivana Dojkić’s Style of Play

Dojkić is known for her sharpshooting and ability to create plays. She has a quick release and excellent range, making her a threat from anywhere on the court. Her basketball IQ and versatility allow her to contribute as both a scorer and a facilitator, making her a valuable player in any lineup.

Ivana Dojkić is a talented and versatile guard who brings a wealth of experience and skill to the New York Liberty. Her journey from Croatia to the WNBA highlights her dedication and passion for the game of basketball, and her contributions continue to be valued both domestically and internationally​​.