Basketball in Kenya has been growing steadily, with the national team, known as the Morans, making significant strides in regional and continental competitions. The sport is particularly popular in urban areas, with numerous local leagues and tournaments fostering young talent.

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History of Basketball in Kenya

Basketball in Kenya, while not the nation’s most popular sport, has grown significantly over the years, shaping a legacy that encompasses challenges, perseverance, and emerging talent. Although basketball is overshadowed by football and athletics, Kenya has made notable progress in developing the game at various levels, including grassroots, collegiate, and professional leagues.

Early Beginnings of Kenyan Basketball

The early history of basketball in Kenya is intertwined with the colonial period. Introduced by Christian missionaries and British colonialists in the 1940s and 1950s, basketball became part of the curriculum in mission schools and youth organizations like the YMCA. The sport grew steadily, becoming especially popular in the urban areas of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

Kenya National Basketball League (KNBL):

  • Founded in 1963 after Kenya gained independence, the Kenya National Basketball League (KNBL) became the country’s top basketball competition. The league attracted teams from Nairobi, Mombasa, and other urban centers.
  • Nairobi’s teams, such as Kenya Railways and Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), dominated the early years of the league, thanks to sponsorships and resources.

Growth and Challenges of Developing Basketball in Kenya

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, basketball continued to grow in popularity. The formation of strong clubs and the establishment of the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) in 1965 helped develop the game further.

Collegiate Basketball:

  • University basketball played a crucial role in popularizing the sport, with institutions like the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University producing talented players.
  • The Inter-University Games, a yearly event, became a showcase for new talent and fostered healthy competition among institutions.


  • Despite the growth, the sport faced challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, lack of funding, and limited government support.
  • Basketball courts were often poorly maintained, and sponsorship was scarce, limiting the growth of clubs and talent.

Recent Developments in Kenyan Basketball

Revival of the KNBL:

  • Efforts to revive the Kenya National Basketball League have been underway since the 2010s, with increased sponsorship and government involvement.
  • Key teams like KPA and Ulinzi Warriors have maintained dominance, contributing to a vibrant league.

Rising Stars:

  • The emergence of players like Ariel Okall and Tylor Ongwae, who have played professionally abroad, has inspired young talent in the country.

Grassroots Development:

  • Non-profit organizations like Hoops for Kids International and Giants of Africa have invested in grassroots basketball programs, improving facilities and providing training for coaches and players.

International Recruitment:

  • American colleges have scouted Kenyan talent, resulting in Kenyan players joining the NCAA and gaining valuable experience.


The history of basketball in Kenya reflects a story of resilience and determination. Despite infrastructural and financial challenges, the sport has found a firm footing, particularly through its women’s team and the Kenya National Basketball League. The rise of grassroots programs and international partnerships offers hope for a bright future, with Kenyan basketball poised for greater success on the global stage.

Kenyan Players in the NBA

Basketball is a sport of global appeal, uniting players from different backgrounds on a common platform. While many countries have seen their athletes ascend to the pinnacle of the NBA, some nations still await their first representative. One such country is Kenya, known for its rich athletic tradition in distance running but not yet represented by any players born there in the NBA.

Kenya’s Sporting Heritage and Potential

Kenya is internationally recognized for its exceptional distance runners, who have won countless gold medals in the Olympics and other global events. This remarkable sporting success has often overshadowed other sports like basketball, which has not enjoyed the same level of prominence or investment. However, basketball has gained popularity in recent years, thanks in part to grassroots initiatives and the inspiration of African players who have made their mark in the NBA.

African Influence in the NBA

The NBA has witnessed a surge in African talent, particularly from Nigeria, Cameroon, and Senegal. Notable players like Hakeem Olajuwon (Nigeria), Joel Embiid (Cameroon), and Gorgui Dieng (Senegal) have paved the way for other Africans to consider the NBA as a viable career path.

The Absence of Kenyan Representation

Despite the rise of African players in the NBA, Kenya remains absent from this distinguished list. As of May 2024, no player born in Kenya has played in the NBA. However, it is worth noting that several players of Kenyan descent have made it to the league, though they were not born in Kenya.

Basketball Development in Kenya

While no Kenyan-born players have yet reached the NBA, there is significant potential within the country. Grassroots basketball programs have been initiated by organizations like the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders and local basketball federations. The Kenyan Basketball Federation (KBF) has organized national leagues and youth development programs aimed at promoting the sport among young athletes.

Kenya’s national basketball teams have also shown promise in regional competitions. The men’s national team, the Morans, competed in the FIBA AfroBasket tournament and have improved their international ranking in recent years.


Although no players born in Kenya have yet made it to the NBA, the rising popularity of basketball and growing development initiatives present a promising future for the sport in the country. Kenya may soon produce its first NBA player, providing another example of the sport’s global reach and inspiring future generations to pursue basketball at the highest level. The journey continues as Kenya works toward earning its place on the NBA stage.

Women’s Basketball in Kenya

Women’s basketball in Kenya has seen significant growth and development over the years, becoming a prominent sport within the country. The Kenya women’s national basketball team, known as the Lionesses, has made notable strides on the continental stage, participating in various AfroBasket tournaments. Domestically, the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) has been instrumental in promoting the sport through the establishment of competitive leagues and grassroots programs aimed at nurturing young talent. The Women’s Premier League, featuring top teams such as Equity Hawks and Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), showcases the best of Kenyan women’s basketball and serves as a platform for players to hone their skills and gain exposure. Despite challenges such as limited funding and infrastructure, the dedication of players, coaches, and administrators continues to drive the sport forward, inspiring a new generation of female athletes in Kenya.