Ghana National Basketball Teams

The Ghana national basketball teams represent Ghana in international basketball competitions. Governed by the Ghana Basketball Association (GBA), the teams compete in FIBA Africa events. Over the years, both the men’s and women’s teams have made significant strides, highlighting the growth and potential of basketball in Ghana.

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Ghana Men’s National Basketball Team


The Ghana men’s national basketball team has its roots in the mid-20th century when basketball was first introduced to the country through schools and community programs. The sport gained popularity in urban areas, particularly in Accra and Kumasi, where local leagues began to form. Despite limited resources, the passion for basketball grew, leading to the establishment of the Ghana Basketball Association in 1962. The national team has been a platform for showcasing the talents of Ghanaian players on the international stage.


FIBA Africa Championship: The Ghana men’s team has participated in the FIBA Africa Championship, striving to establish itself among the top teams on the continent. Although they have yet to secure a top finish, their competitive spirit and improving performance have been notable.

All Africa Games: Ghana’s participation in the All Africa Games has been a significant step in gaining experience and exposure. The team has shown resilience and growth, competing against some of the best teams in Africa.

Notable Players: The men’s team has produced several standout players, including Amida Brimah, who has played in the NBA G League and various international leagues, known for his shot-blocking ability and defensive prowess.

Basketball culture in Ghana is vibrant, with the sport enjoying increasing popularity among the youth. Local leagues, university competitions, and street basketball tournaments are common, fostering a competitive environment and a deep love for the game.

Ghana Women’s National Basketball Team


The Ghana women’s national basketball team has experienced steady growth over the years. While they may not have achieved the same level of international success as their male counterparts, they have made significant strides in regional competitions and continue to develop their presence on the international stage. The team has benefited from grassroots programs aimed at promoting women’s sports and encouraging young girls to take up basketball.


FIBA Africa Zone 3 Championship: The women’s team has competed in the FIBA Africa Zone 3 Championship, gaining valuable experience and showcasing their potential. Their participation has helped raise the profile of women’s basketball in Ghana.

All Africa Games: Similar to the men’s team, the women’s team has participated in the All Africa Games, where they have demonstrated their skills and determination. These competitions provide crucial exposure and development opportunities.

Notable Players: The women’s team has produced players who have excelled in collegiate basketball in the U.S. and professional leagues abroad. Their achievements have contributed to the growing reputation of Ghanaian basketball and have inspired many young female athletes.

Women’s basketball in Ghana is characterized by a strong community support system and increasing interest at the grassroots level. Schools and local clubs play a crucial role in nurturing young talent. The success of Ghanaian female athletes in other sports has also positively impacted the perception and support for women’s basketball.

Overall Impact and Future Prospects

The Ghana national basketball teams, both men’s and women’s, have shown remarkable progress over the years. Their participation in regional and international competitions has helped raise the profile of basketball in the country. The development of local talent and the success of Ghanaian players in international leagues continue to inspire the next generation of athletes.

With continued investment in youth development programs and infrastructure, Ghana is poised to further enhance its standing in the basketball world. The passion for the game, coupled with the natural athleticism of Ghanaian athletes, suggests a bright future for basketball in Ghana. The Ghana Basketball Association remains committed to nurturing talent and promoting the sport at all levels, ensuring that basketball continues to thrive in the country.