Jamaican National Basketball Teams

The Jamaica national basketball team represents Jamaica in international basketball competitions. Governed by the Jamaica Basketball Association (JBA), the team participates in FIBA Americas events. Both the men’s and women’s teams have made significant strides over the years, showcasing the growth and potential of basketball in Jamaica.

Jamaicans in Professional Basketball, 2023-24

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Jamaica Men’s National Basketball Team


The men’s national team has a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century. While Jamaica is better known for its prowess in track and field, basketball has steadily gained popularity. The team’s development has been influenced by the influx of Jamaican players to the U.S. collegiate system and professional leagues.


  • Caribbean Basketball Championship: The Jamaica men’s team has had notable success in the Caribbean Basketball Championship, securing multiple medals over the years. They won gold in 2006 and 2012, establishing themselves as a regional powerhouse.
  • FIBA AmeriCup: The team has participated in the FIBA AmeriCup, striving to compete against stronger teams from North and South America. Although they have yet to secure a podium finish, their participation is a testament to their growing competence and ambition.
  • Notable Players: The team has produced several players who have made it to the NBA, including Patrick Ewing, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and Roy Hibbert, known for his defensive prowess and significant contributions to the league.

Basketball culture in Jamaica has been greatly influenced by the success of its players abroad. The sport is particularly popular among the youth, with many aspiring to follow in the footsteps of NBA stars. Local leagues and tournaments are common, fostering a competitive environment and a love for the game.

Jamaica Women’s National Basketball Team


The women’s national basketball team, like their male counterparts, has steadily grown in prominence. While they may not have the same level of international success as the men’s team, they have made significant strides in regional competitions.


  • Caribbean Basketball Championship: The women’s team has also competed in the Caribbean Basketball Championship, securing several medals. They won gold in 1990, marking their most notable achievement in the region.
  • FIBA Centrobasket: Participation in FIBA Centrobasket has provided the team with valuable experience against stronger teams from Central America and the Caribbean. While they have yet to secure top finishes, their involvement is crucial for development.
  • Notable Players: The women’s team has produced players who have excelled in collegiate basketball in the U.S., contributing to the growing reputation of Jamaican basketball.

Women’s basketball in Jamaica is characterized by a strong community support system and a growing interest at the grassroots level. Schools and local clubs play a crucial role in nurturing young talent. The success of Jamaican female athletes in other sports has also positively impacted the perception and support for women’s basketball.

With continued investment in youth development programs and infrastructure, Jamaica is poised to further enhance its standing in the basketball world. The passion for the game, coupled with the natural athleticism of Jamaican athletes, suggests a bright future for basketball in Jamaica.