Serbian National Basketball Teams

The Serbia national basketball team represents Serbia in international basketball competitions. Governed by the Basketball Federation of Serbia (KSS), the team participates in FIBA Europe events. Both the men’s and women’s teams have a storied history, showcasing the strength and talent of Serbian basketball on the global stage.

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Serbia Men’s National Basketball Team


The men’s national team has a legacy that traces back to the former Yugoslavia, which was a basketball powerhouse. Following the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, Serbia continued this rich tradition. The team has maintained a high standard of play, known for its strong fundamentals, tactical intelligence, and the production of numerous world-class players.


  • FIBA World Cup: The Serbian men’s team has achieved significant success in the FIBA World Cup, winning gold in 1998 and 2002 (as part of FR Yugoslavia) and securing a silver medal in 2014.
  • Olympic Games: Serbia won the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, demonstrating their ability to compete against the best teams in the world.
  • EuroBasket: The team has consistently performed well in the EuroBasket, winning gold in 1995, 1997, and 2001 (as FR Yugoslavia), and silver in 2009 and 2017 as Serbia.

Notable Players

Serbia has produced numerous basketball legends, including Vlade Divac, Peja Stojaković, Dejan Bodiroga, and more recently, NBA stars like Nikola Jokić and Bogdan Bogdanović.

Basketball in Serbia is more than just a sport; it is a significant part of the country’s culture and identity. The success of Serbian players in European and NBA leagues has contributed to the sport’s immense popularity. Local leagues and youth programs are highly competitive, fostering a deep love for the game.

Serbia Women’s National Basketball Team


The women’s national team has also built a strong reputation, especially in recent decades. While historically overshadowed by the men’s team, the women’s team has emerged as a formidable force in European basketball.


  • EuroBasket Women: The Serbian women’s team won their first EuroBasket title in 2015 and secured a bronze medal in 2019. They have consistently been among the top teams in Europe.
  • Olympic Games: The team won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, marking a significant achievement on the world stage.
  • FIBA Women’s World Cup: They achieved a notable result by finishing fourth in the 2014 World Cup.

Notable Players

Milica Dabović, Sonja Vasić, and Jelena Brooks are among the standout players who have greatly contributed to the team’s success.

Women’s basketball in Serbia enjoys strong support, with a robust infrastructure that includes well-organized local leagues and youth development programs. The success of the national team has inspired many young girls to take up the sport, contributing to its growth and popularity.

Overall Impact and Future Prospects

The Serbia national basketball teams, both men’s and women’s, have a rich legacy and a bright future. Their consistent success in regional and international competitions has solidified Serbia’s reputation as a basketball powerhouse. The development of local talent and the achievements of Serbian players in international leagues continue to inspire future generations.

With continued investment in youth programs and infrastructure, Serbia is well-positioned to maintain and enhance its standing in the basketball world. The passion for the game, combined with the country’s strong basketball tradition, ensures that Serbia will remain a significant force in international basketball for years to come.