Atlanta Hawks (NBA)

International Players, 2023-24 Season

Bogdan BogdanovicGuard / ForwardSerbia2023-24Belgrade, Serbia
Clint CapelaCenterSwitzerland2023-24Geneva, Switzerland
Bruno FernandoForward / CenterAngola2023-24Luanda, Angola
Mouhamed GueyeForward / CenterSenegal2023-24Dakar, Senegal
Vit KrejciGuardCzech Republic2023-24Strakonice, Czech Republic

Atlanta Hawks Team History

The Atlanta Hawks, founded in 1946 as the Buffalo Bisons, relocated to Atlanta in 1968 and have since become a fixture in the NBA landscape. Throughout their history, the Hawks have embraced international talent, contributing to a rich tradition of diversity on their roster. One of the earliest international stars to don the Hawks jersey was Dikembe Mutombo from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mutombo, a dominant defensive force, played for Atlanta from 1996 to 2001, leaving a lasting impact with his shot-blocking prowess. During his tenure, he averaged an impressive 3.5 blocks per game, showcasing the global talent the Hawks were keen on acquiring.

In the early 2000s, the Hawks continued their trend of recruiting international players, adding Yugoslavian sharpshooter Peja Stojaković to their ranks. Stojaković, known for his deadly three-point shooting, provided a crucial offensive spark for Atlanta during the 2006-2007 season, where he shot an impressive 44% from beyond the arc. His ability to stretch the floor and score in bunches exemplified the value of international talent in the NBA and solidified the Hawks’ commitment to a diverse roster composition.

In recent years, the Hawks have further bolstered their international presence with players like Trae Young, hailing from the United States, regularly finding common ground on the court with talents from around the globe. Young’s court vision and scoring ability have seamlessly meshed with the skills of players like Bogdan Bogdanović from Serbia and Clint Capela from Switzerland. This international fusion has not only enhanced the Hawks’ competitiveness but also symbolizes their embrace of basketball’s global appeal, underscoring Atlanta’s status as a cosmopolitan team in the NBA landscape.