Golden State Warriors (NBA)

International Players, 2023-24 Season

Usman GarubaForwardSpain2023-24Madrid, Spain
Cory JosephGuardCanada2023-24Toronto, Canada
Jonathan KumingaForwardDR Congo2023-24Democratic Republic of the Congo
Gui SantosGuardBrazil2023-24São Paulo, Brazil
Dario SaricForwardCroatia2023-24Šibenik, Croatia
Andrew WigginsForwardCanada2023-24Toronto, Canada

Golden State Warriors Team History

The Golden State Warriors, founded in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors, boast a rich history in the NBA. However, their tradition of integrating international players into their roster gained significant momentum in the early 2000s. One notable pioneer was Sarunas Marciulionis, hailing from Lithuania, who joined the Warriors in 1989. Marciulionis made a profound impact, averaging 18.9 points per game in his five seasons with the team, showcasing the global talent that would become synonymous with the franchise.

The Warriors’ commitment to international talent became even more apparent in the 2010s. One standout addition was Andrew Bogut from Australia, who joined the team in 2012. Bogut’s defensive prowess and court vision were instrumental in the Warriors’ success, particularly during their championship run in 2015. Additionally, the acquisition of Serbian forward, Vladimir Radmanović, in 2010 further solidified the team’s international presence. Radmanović’s versatility and outside shooting provided valuable contributions off the bench, enhancing the Warriors’ offensive firepower.

The culmination of the Warriors’ dedication to global talent came with the arrival of Slovenian sensation, Luka Dončić, in 2023. Dončić’s arrival marked a new era for the franchise, bringing a blend of skill, leadership, and international flair. His impact on the court was immediate, electrifying fans with his scoring ability and playmaking skills. Dončić’s addition not only symbolized the Warriors’ commitment to excellence but also highlighted their ongoing tradition of embracing talent from around the world, solidifying their place as a global powerhouse in the NBA.