Charlotte Sting (WNBA)

The Charlotte Sting were one of the original eight franchises of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), starting their journey in 1997. Despite their eventual disbandment in 2007, the Sting left a lasting legacy in the league, particularly with their notable international players and significant accomplishments.

Franchise Highlights:

  1. 1997 Inception:
    • Founded as one of the original eight WNBA teams.
    • Initially operated by the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.
  2. 2001 Eastern Conference Championship:
    • Rebounded from an 8-24 regular season record to reach the WNBA Finals.
    • Defeated the Cleveland Rockers and New York Liberty in the playoffs to clinch the Eastern Conference Championship.
    • Lost to the Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA Finals.
  3. Other Playoff Appearances:
    • Reached the playoffs in six of their ten seasons (1997-2003, 2006).

International Players on the Roster:

Ticha Penicheiro (Portugal):

  • Played briefly for the Sting in 2006.
  • A WNBA legend known for her exceptional passing and playmaking skills.

Clarisse Machanguana (Mozambique):

  • Played for the Sting in 1999 and 2000.
  • Known for her inside scoring and rebounding.


The Charlotte Sting made their mark as one of the original franchises in the WNBA. Despite the challenges they faced, including a rocky start and their eventual disbandment, the Sting remain a vital part of WNBA history. The contributions of their international players added a unique flavor to the team, enriching the league’s diversity and global reach.

Their legacy continues to inspire basketball enthusiasts in Charlotte and around the world, particularly through their notable playoff runs and the success of their standout players.