Houston Comets (WNBA)

One of the league’s original eight franchises, the Comets dominated the early years of women’s professional basketball in the United States. The team won four consecutive championships from 1997 to 2000 and set a standard of excellence that still resonates today.

Franchise Achievements

  • WNBA Championships: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 (the league’s first dynasty)
  • Notable Players: Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoopes, Tina Thompson, Janeth Arcain
  • Notable Coaches: Van Chancellor (head coach during all four championships)

Key International Players

The Houston Comets also made their mark with contributions from international stars who played pivotal roles in their success.

Janeth Arcain (Brazil)

  • Position: Guard / Forward
  • Years with Comets: 1997-2005
  • Notable Achievements:
    • Played a crucial role in all four championships
    • Named the WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year in 2001
    • Scored over 3,000 career points in the WNBA
    • Inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015

Cláudia das Neves (Brazil)

  • Position: Guard
  • Years with Comets: 1997
  • Notable Achievements:
    • Played one season with the Comets
    • Key player for the Brazilian national team

Legacy of Excellence

The Houston Comets set the bar high for success in the WNBA, with their four consecutive championships and iconic roster. They helped establish the league’s credibility and popularity in its formative years. Despite folding in 2008 due to ownership changes and financial difficulties, the Comets left an indelible legacy in women’s basketball.

Their success inspired countless young athletes worldwide, proving that international and domestic players could come together to create a dominant force. The Comets’ international stars like Janeth Arcain exemplified the global nature of women’s basketball, and their contributions continue to be remembered as integral to the team’s success.