Indiana Fever (WNBA)

International Players, 2024 Season

Damiris DantasForwardBrazil2017-24Sao Paulo, Brazil
Temi FagbenleCenterGreat Britain2022-24London, England
Kristy WallaceGuardAustralia2023-24Loganholme, Queensland, Australia

Indiana Fever Team History & International Alumni

The Indiana Fever, founded in 2000, have established themselves as a stalwart franchise in the WNBA, renowned not only for their competitive spirit but also for their tradition of embracing international talent. Since the early years of the franchise, the Fever have actively recruited players from around the globe, enriching their roster with diverse skill sets and cultural influences. This commitment to international talent has become a defining characteristic of the team, contributing to their success on the court and fostering a global fanbase.

One notable chapter in the Fever’s history of international players is their acquisition of Australian basketball star, Lauren Jackson. Jackson, a three-time WNBA MVP and seven-time WNBA All-Star, made a significant impact during her tenure with the Fever. Her dominance in the paint and versatile scoring ability helped lead the team to multiple playoff appearances and bolstered their presence in the league. Jackson’s stellar career statistics, including averaging over 18 points and 7 rebounds per game during her time with the Fever, underscore the pivotal role she played in the team’s success and further solidify the franchise’s reputation for attracting top-tier international talent.

Another pivotal moment in the Indiana Fever’s tradition of international players came with the addition of Brazilian guard, Erika de Souza. Known for her tenacity on defense and knack for rebounding, de Souza brought a dynamic presence to the Fever roster. Her ability to disrupt opponents’ offenses and create scoring opportunities for her teammates earned her widespread acclaim among fans and peers alike. De Souza’s impact extended beyond the stat sheet, as her leadership and passion for the game inspired her teammates and contributed to a winning culture within the organization. With de Souza’s contributions, the Fever continued to excel on the court, showcasing the team’s commitment to embracing talent from around the world and cementing their status as a WNBA powerhouse.