Seattle Storm (WNBA)

International Players, 2024 Season

Dulcy Fankam MendjiadeuForwardCameroon2023-24Nkongsamba, Cameroon
Ezi MagbegorCenterAustralia2020-24Wellington, New Zealand
Nika Muhl*GuardCroatia2024Zagreb, Croatia
Bold indicates current player | * indicates player was drafted by organization in 2024

Seattle Storm Team History & International Alumni

The Seattle Storm, founded in 2000, has been a formidable force in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), securing multiple championships and establishing a legacy of excellence. Central to their success has been their tradition of integrating international players into their roster, contributing diverse talents and perspectives to the team dynamic. This tradition stems from the early years of the franchise when Anne Donovan, the head coach at the time, recognized the value of global talent. One of the earliest international stars to don the Storm jersey was Russian-born center, Maria Stepanova. Stepanova’s imposing presence in the paint and exceptional rebounding skills bolstered the Storm’s defense, helping them clinch their first WNBA championship in 2004.

Over the years, the Storm continued to embrace international players, enhancing their competitiveness on the court. One notable addition was Australian sensation Lauren Jackson, widely regarded as one of the greatest female basketball players of all time. Jackson’s unparalleled versatility and scoring prowess propelled the Storm to unprecedented success, earning her numerous MVP awards and leading the team to multiple championships. Her impact extended beyond individual accolades, as she inspired a new generation of Australian players to pursue their dreams in the WNBA, further enriching the league’s global appeal.

In recent seasons, the Storm’s commitment to international talent remains unwavering. Japanese point guard, Ramu Tokashiki, brought her electrifying speed and playmaking abilities to Seattle, becoming a fan favorite and symbolizing the team’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the Storm’s partnership with international leagues and scouting networks has facilitated the discovery of hidden gems from around the world, ensuring a steady influx of talent to sustain their competitive edge. As the Seattle Storm continues to thrive in the WNBA, their tradition of embracing international players not only reflects the evolving landscape of women’s basketball but also celebrates the universal language of sport that transcends borders.